Joyre TCMedi Postpartum Treatment (Includes herbal bath)

Joyre TCMedi Postpartum Treatment (Includes herbal bath)

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Using more than 10 different types of herbal remedies, Joyre are the first beauty group in Singapore specializing in the Millennium ancient herbs bath inherited from the Yao ethnic group ancestors.


Get your health back with Joyre TCMedi post natal massage!!!!

Joyre TCMedi Post Natal Massage works on the full body including pushing up the uterus, get rid of water retention, relieve wind.

In TCM post natal therapy, the condition of the pregnant women will be studied and identified.

The Qi and blood deficiencies, Yin and Yang imbalances are then addressed and properly managed through a combination of Tui Na massage, herbal medicine, together with the lifestyle management.

This will assist the pregnant women to an early road of recovery both physically and emotionally.

The therapist also work on the meridian lines and acupoints to enhance treatment with a better energy flow that helps faster recovery. Herbs are used for wrapping.

Usually, in the TCM confinement care, the therapist also prepares herbal baths before proceeding with the massage!!!



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