Bottle Trade In Deal at Baby World

Bottle Trade In Deal at Baby World

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YAY!!! Bottles Trade In at SUPER DUPER OFFERS!!

Only at Baby World Fair January!!!

How to?
1) Bring your old/unwanted bottles + teats
2) Jot down the respective bottle trade-in booth
3) Go to their booth during Baby World Fair, and do the trade-in at promo pricing! 
4) Taa-daaa! You now have NEW bottles for Baby!! Woohoooo!


Participating Brands & Booth numbers:

Medela - E13

Dr Brown's - F13

Comotomo - B09

Avent - D01

Pigeon - G01

Tommee Tippee - A35, A39

Pura - H09



Grab grab grab!!


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Bottle Trade In Deal at Baby World | Rating: 9 out of 10 |
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Venue: Singapore Expo

06 July to 07 July 2018 (11am – 9pm) | 08 July 2018 (11am – 8pm)