Poco Nido Shoe SS17 MINI SHOES FREE Bonnnet!!

Poco Nido Shoe SS17 MINI SHOES FREE Bonnnet!!

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Our mini shoes are what all your crawlers, walkers and recliners have been waiting for. The perfect combination of barefoot and shoe, allowing foot to ground contact with a little natural protection. The suede sole provides a hardy non-slip surface, which moves with your baby's foot. You can use them as a rather natty pre-walker shoe to avoid cold toes on a buggy ride or as an indoor shoe/slipper.  Rest assured, what ever you do with your mini shoes, they'll be a talking point.

We only use natural materials for our youngest customers; our Mini Shoes are made in China from 100% cotton and Suede to give you peace of mind. You'll also be happy to know that unlike most other brands our Mini Shoes have no exposed elastic, this elastic can sometimes chafe and nip your baby's chubby little feet. Our shoes are constructed to conceal the elastic, which has the added benefit of shoes that stay on. Oh, and because babies like to explore with their mouths, every style we produce has to pass a series of chemical compliance tests, just to check there are no nasties hiding.


Where to Wear:

We recommend Poco Nido Mini Shoes are worn indoors only for walking children. Although they are durable, they are still a soft sole and may not protect against broken glass or other debris found outside.

Caring For Your Poco Nido Mini Shoes:

We recommend spot clean/wipe only. Due to the nature of real leather the sole will stiffen and harden if you put them through the washing machine, the leather will also become less grippy on smooth floors. If you find this happens over time with use, or if the mini shoes were washed by accident you can try and buff up the suede sole with a stiff brush.

Available in other prints with matching items, or mismatching, if that's your bag. Sizes 3-6m, 6-12m, 12-18m, 18-24m, Eur 21, Eur 22. No, we don't make 0-3m, newborns don't need shoes.

All our full price mini shoes come cleverly packaged in a cardboard tube box which can be upcycled into an owl money box with the help of the craft and colouring sheet inside.  


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