Stemcord - Hope for the Future (Cord Blood Bank)

Stemcord - Hope for the Future (Cord Blood Bank)

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Why Stemcord?

From day one, StemCord was established to focus on one main objective – the processing and preservation of your baby’s precious cord blood stem cells. We understand that this is a long-term commitment and are dedicated to being your trusted cord blood bank, providing you with the best possible service, now and into the future.

Company Stability

  • StemCord is an autologous, private cord blood bank licensed by the Ministry of Health (MOH), Singapore, that became operational since March 2002.

    Today, it remains focused on its main objective of processing and preserving your baby’s precious cord blood stem cells.

  • StemCord is accredited by FACT-NetCord, a recognised and prestigious international accrediting organisation that is specific for cord blood banks.

    FACT-NetCord Standards are developed by international teams of world-renowned experts on the collection, processing, testing, banking, selection and release of autologous cord blood units, giving you the confidence that your baby’s cord blood is in good hands.

  • StemCord is the preferred choice among parents with more than 35,000 cord blood units banked with us today. This number will continue to grow as we expand our services to the rest of the region.
  • StemCord is dedicated to only processing and preservation of cord blood stem cells. While we support research and development efforts, we are not tied, in anyway, to financially risky research ventures that may compromise the integrity and medical excellence of the company. As a company, we are profitable and are able to walk alongside you as your cord blood bank for life.
  • StemCord’s founders are doctors who understand the biology and intricacies of stem cells, and as such, have a better foresight of how stem cells can be best utilised in the future. Just like their medical practices, the clients’ best interests, like the patients’ interests, always come first.

Dependable & Superior Processing and Storage Methods

  • StemCord is the only cord blood bank in Singapore that stores cord blood in multiple units. With promising developments in using stem cells in Regenerative Therapy, storing stem cells in multiple units provides the capacity for multiple treatments if needed. We also take the extra step to split the cord blood units into two locations for added security and peace of mind.
  • Storing cord blood separately will not reduce the cell dose

    Having your baby’s cord blood stored separately will not reduce the cell dose and compromise the outcome of future treatments. This is because when you store with a private cord blood bank, all the cord blood units belong to your child for your family’s own use. This is an important difference from hybrid cord blood banks*, which also exist.
    * A hybrid cord blood bank splits your cord blood unit into two separate deposits, for both private and public use. Given that the cell dose is an important predictor of successful transplant outcomes, 2–4 such ‘split CB units’ might place their potential recipients at a disadvantage and their application, therefore, unlikely, unless successful stem expansion becomes practical in this setting.

    (Rubinstein, P. (2009) Cord blood banking for clinical transplantation. Bone Marrow Transplantation. 44. pp. 635-642)


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