Embe Babies 2-Way Swaddle

Embe Babies 2-Way Swaddle

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A baby swaddle made with 100% PIMA COTTON - the world's finest, prized for its exceptional durability, softness and brilliant luster keeping baby comfortable while swaddled.

CONVERTIBLE LEGS IN/LEGS OUT SWADDLE - Innovative 2-way design converts this swaddle to provide legs in warmth, or legs out cooling and heat dissipation, reducing the risk of overheating which has been linked to SIDS.

NO RISE NECKLINE - A structured no rise neckline prevents fabric from rising up over baby's face or unraveling during sleep during swaddling, helping to prevent the risk of SIDS.

HIP HEALTHY SWADDLE - Generous heat shaped leg pouch aids in healthy hip and leg development; first layer No-Breakout Zipper and swaddle wing ensures that only arms are swaddled, leaving the hips and legs to move freely, as recommended to prevent hip dysplasia.

EASY DIAPER CHANGES - Baby can now stay swaddled during a diaper change, which keeps baby's hands away from the diaper and allows them to stay asleep

This high quality swaddles come in one size intended for infants 6-14lbs., up to 26” that provides a safe way to swaddle your baby.

True to One-Size fit is designed to adapt to your baby's growing needs, therefore this is one swaddle to carry them through the entire 4 months of swaddling.

Forget the classic muslin baby swaddle blanket and swap out for the smart embé luxe swaddle with its patented 2-way design that converts legs in or legs out.

The first layer No-Breakout Zipper and swaddle wing ensure that only arms are swaddled, leaving the hips and legs to move freely, as recommended by Pediatricians to prevent hip dysplasia.

The convertible leg feature help makes parent’s life easier by providing access for diaper changing without unfastening the swaddle.

Embé Babies swaddles are easy to use that serves as a great present to help tired new mothers or experienced mothers sleep through the night knowing their infant is safely swaddled up.

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